Blue curtains collocation methods

Curtains are hung on in the front of the window, through which people enjoy the beautiful scenery in front. Window treatment is the most important thing in the room. When choosing curtains your own room, curtain color is very important thing that you need to pay much attention to. For example, blue curtain, what room style can be used for?

Room’s owner usually according to different room usage to choose window treatment. And room style is another reference to choose curtain style so that to gain a perfect collocation in then end. For different color has different appearance for home decor.


There are lots of blue colors such as sky blue, royal blue, and dark blue, all of them are belong to cold color family offering a quiet and peace feeling. They are representation of pure and fresh. Yellow background color well matched with blue pattern for blue color great to lighten the brilliant reveals a peace dark atmosphere. While green and blue combination creates red color. And white and blue is fresh elegant appearance, a quiet and peaceful feeling. Black ground matched with blue pattern that blue look more brighter.


Blue curtains add as sense of fresh elegant touch for home decor that best for those young people who prefer for natural fresh. With blue curtain to make room feel comfortable and warm. Of course what curtain color finally choose for home decor it up to you.